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Ic EPF10K100EFC484-1X

specifically for the protection of the high propagation delay and IC EPF10K100EFC484-1X and low-side IGBT half-bridge IGBT transconductance under configuration, the configuration in the universal application of the power inverter. Propagation delay between two devices poor (tphl - tplh) is the smallest to the largest-10ns-200ns. Therefore, we can prevent through, so that could be removed can cause damage or shorten the operation time IGBT a significant situation.

EPF10K100EFC484-1X Suppliers

In addition to regular recording of the "gift", thanks to the separation between R10 feature film, thanks to dynamic records become more interesting. As someone in the same after years of posing for pictures at the same location as the growth record, with the R10 set the interval shooting function, the default interval of time to shoot, can shorten the time for a whole day into a video. Example can be captured on canvas portrait artist, or the process of clay sculpture, because the whole process is too slow, so shoot it to appreciate the value is not very high, but with the interval of the pacemaker, the birth process is a work of art becomes magic and EPF10K100EFC484-1X Suppliers and fun of.

EPF10K100EFC484-1X Price

Milpitas, Calif. (MILPITAS, CA) - 2010 Nian 9 28 - Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology Corporation) launched DC / DC micro-module (uModule?) LED driver LTM8042 and EPF10K100EFC484-1X Price and LTM8042-1, these two devices for the up to 8 or 9 white LED composed of red LED LED string. Each device can be in the 3V to 30V input voltage range to boost, buck or buck - boost mode, the use of 9mm x 15mm x 2.8mm LGA (plate grid array) package is a complete LED driver solution. LTM8042 and LTM8042-1 with 0.5% of the output current and voltage regulation accuracy, and can withstand transients up to 40V input voltage. LTM8042 provides up to 1A of current, and LTM8042-1 provides up to 350mA. Each device has a true color PWM (True Color PWMTM) dimming, dimming ratio of 3000:1, or a 10:1 analog dimming. These devices are compact, robust and complete solution to allow in industrial lighting, backlighting, monitors, scanners, automotive and avionics applications such as lighting, LED string driver circuit to achieve fast design to manufacturing process.

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