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Ic EPF10K20TI144-4N

Industry stressed that, despite Microsoft's mobile platform is currently the main map, limited to PDA phones, smart phones and IC EPF10K20TI144-4N and other converged devices, and Zune phone may belong to feature phones, the positioning of the two slightly different, but Microsoft is pushing the parity of the intelligent mobile phones, the next Microsoft mobile platform to feature phones is bound to large-scale expansion, then how to care for its own mobile platform and the Zune phone sales, will be a great challenge.

EPF10K20TI144-4N Suppliers

SynQor announced the launch of a quarter brick DC / DC converter new products, used in industrial field bus system 12V (operating voltage range is 9-22V), the single output voltage range from 1.8V to 48V (with nine different module) and EPF10K20TI144-4N Suppliers and provides up to 40A or 100W of usable power. IQ12xxxQTAxx series features industry-standard 2.30 "× 1.45" 1 / 4 brick package and pin, the open-frame module for convection cooled applications, with baseplates sheet can be used for the occasion with a conduction-cooled. Ground-breaking significance that can be fully encapsulated for harsh environments. Use has been widely recognized SynQor of synchronous rectification topology, we implemented the following modules up to 91% efficiency, that is 1.8V/40A; 3.3V/30A; 5V/20A; 7V/14A; 12V/8A; 15V / 7A; 24V/4A; 30V/3A and 48V/2A. Voltage between input and output modules to meet the basic insulation requirements of 2,250 Vdc (reinforced insulation for filling and sealing module), MTBF theoretical values more than 2 million hours, and all modules are fully compliant RoHS6 / 6 standards. Control and protection features include: voltage sensor side, a wide output voltage adjustment range: -20% to +10%, input under-voltage lockout, output OVP, current limit, short circuit protection and thermal shutdown. Operating temperature range is -40 to +100 ℃.

EPF10K20TI144-4N Price

Sector leading hardware vendors Biostar electronics, 7600GS released in the beginning to the DIY user needs to grasp is the 7600GS GDDR3 graphics memory, timely introduction of two of these cards: V7603GS11 Athlon Hurricane Edition V7603GS11 Athlon Standard Edition, at first glance, the product name is similar, in fact, there are some differences, in order to achieve not meet the needs of users.

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