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Ic EPF6024AQC208-2

The applications for mobile phones and IC EPF6024AQC208-2 and other mobile multimedia chip designed at 3.6V supply voltage operation, the maximum quiescent current is 2.2mA; to ensure high quality sound output At the same time, to achieve 8dB input signal conditioning, the greatest degree of protection of drive level acoustic components; the output power of 2.70W (THD + N = 7%, VDD = 5V, f = 1KHz, 4ohm load); efficiency up to 86% (PO = 0.6W, VDD = 5V, f = 1KHz, 8ohm load); and distortion (THD) of only 0.1% (VDD = 5V, 400mW, f = 1KHz, 8ohm load); power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) is 74dB; electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing standards to meet the FCC B.

EPF6024AQC208-2 Suppliers

in the current design of many mobile phones and EPF6024AQC208-2 Suppliers and other portable systems, in the pursuit of greater output volume at the same time, brought not only reduces the speaker audio quality, but also cause-related component damage. To solve these problems, in order to avoid the phenomenon of drive-level acoustic components injury, EMT7028 integrates innovative automatic gain controller (patent pending), can effectively protect the acoustic components, acoustic components to extend the service life; the same time to prevent excessive audio input lead The distortion of harsh, EMT7028 through unique design distorted by a continuing degree of power output (THD + N) is always maintained at 8% the following features. Application of these features simplifies the solutions, and to provide users with a comfortable listening experience.

EPF6024AQC208-2 Price

Power is home to a variety of audio and EPF6024AQC208-2 Price and video entertainment equipment, basic needs, whether it is sending or receiving the signal, must be close to the outlet for power supply; and family have been ready-made distribution network, almost all rooms have sockets, so the audio and video signal transmission through power lines has become a very natural choice, because the signal can be transmitted to the power supply capacity and in every corner, and do not bother to draw in additional wire, will not affect the house beautiful.

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