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Ic EPF81188AQC208-3

ANC super cool off with the top version of DSP processing chip, and IC EPF81188AQC208-3 and traditional camera 30 frames / second frame rate compared to the data handling capacity has doubled, the maximum frame rate of 60 frames / sec. Traditional camera because the picture moves too fast smear result, the screen pauses and other phenomena of the past. Camera built-in microphone is not a new technology, the traditional camera directly to the built-in microphone to capture the analog signal to pass through a separate audio cable for computer processing, analog signal in the transmission process likely weak, leading to reduction occurred after the sound distortion and the audio and video are not synchronized and so on. ANC off super cool version of the analog signal directly into digital signals, transmitted through the USB2.0 high speed interface to a computer, synchronized audio and video transmission and to ensure the true sound reduction.

EPF81188AQC208-3 Suppliers

currently on the market use a variety of circuit protection technologies, in addition to PPTC, but also include current fuse, thermal fuse, bimetal circuit breaker, button bimetal circuit breaker and EPF81188AQC208-3 Suppliers and ceramic temperature coefficient (CPTC) and so on. Which, in addition to the current and the thermal fuse is a one-time use, other techniques are recoverable type, and are vulnerable to provide over-temperature and over current protection, but with self-recovery capability of the Jinyou bimetal circuit breakers and CPTC, PPTC three.

EPF81188AQC208-3 Price

Colorful board adopted the consistent use of the red PCB, the silver heat sink, the entire board highlights the noble qualities. The motherboard VIAK8T890 Northbridge chip, full support for AM2 platform based processor with Hyper8 technical support 1000MHzHT bus frequency and EPF81188AQC208-3 Price and dual-channel DDR2 technology. Colorful with unique ColorfulMagicBIOS, will make your system performance to play the most.

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