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Ic EPM3032ATC44-10

[Phone Model] Nokia N86 [phone price] 3130 yuan [business name] Bluetooth mobile communications [purchase hotline] 020-83836223 020-83738282 020-62230318,88235311 (24 hours) [business address] Guangzhou City Dongshan Plaza, third floor Dashatou Haiyin C105 shops 020-83836223 Guangzhou Wang Plaza West, a more negative market layer of L108, L110 Shop 020-83738282 Guangzhou Wang Plaza West, a more negative market three 3003,3009 Zen Shop in Foshan City Pu Lan Road on the 27th floor popular front-line mall shops 0757-83808235

EPM3032ATC44-10 Suppliers

1C22-1C23 editorial: Although there are many different voices, but Nokia is still the first choice for many friends to buy mobile phones brand. The performance of the Nokia N series models have always been word of mouth, the software scalability are also considered relatively strong current, and EPM3032ATC44-10 Suppliers and its 800 million pixel camera is also doing a great job. N86 is also a popular model this summer, which is strong because it is the price, the pursuit of high performance can be considered under friends.

EPM3032ATC44-10 Price

Nokia N86 on the hardware configuration is also very strong, a 434MHz clock speed of the processor, and EPM3032ATC44-10 Price and 8GB of flash memory, and run more than 50MB of memory can be achieved. The other, the machine supports N-Gage games and other functions, also provides for a variety of users daily pastime. For WIFI wireless Internet access, GPS satellite navigation and other mainstream Nokia N86 also features no less.

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