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Ic EPM3128ATC100-7

NeoFox Sport oxygen sensor system consists of fluorescent probe or chip with sensing the oxygen content of the annex and IC EPM3128ATC100-7 and the composition of a phase fluorometer; the system contains an onboard OLED display with low-power microprocessor module, a user interface module and a battery module. User interface module allows the operator to set the single-point or multi point, such as calibration, display the percentage of oxygen content, of partial pressure, the number of moles per liter, and other parameters and other functions. Users can store data to a 2GB SD card data recovery for Neofox Sport, or you can use the SD card reader connected to a computer for data read. Response time range: from 1S (gaseous oxygen detection) to 30 seconds (liquid oxygen detection); in most applications, the dissolved oxygen detection range of 0 to 100% (1 atm oxygen percentage).

EPM3128ATC100-7 Suppliers

Recently, the sea of light optical introduction of new products, portable and EPM3128ATC100-7 Suppliers and battery-powered fluorescent oxygen sensor NeoFox Sport.NeoFox Sport is a portable, hand-held optical oxygen sensor, can be used to measure a variety of media The dissolved oxygen and gaseous oxygen. The sensor uses a proprietary indicator within the oxygen content in sol-gel coating, attached to the oxygen sensor chip and the probe. Sensor chip for measuring the oxygen content in the product package or container headspace oxygen content and other parameters. Probes can choose from a smaller core diameter of 300 microns --- spatial resolution for detection of high-precision optical sensor, to the high hardness --- for environmental monitoring, process control?-Inch diameter stainless steel materials of various types probe. A variety of coating formulations, for general laboratory environments, but also for environmental samples with high sensitivity and detection of hydrocarbons.

EPM3128ATC100-7 Price

FLI7510 meet the global digital terrestrial broadcast television standards, with rich features: The flexible, powerful decoder that supports all major video formats; advanced Faroudja video / audio optimization technologies; complete network television environment, including network TV dedicated processor and EPM3128ATC100-7 Price and advanced graphics processing; TV content protection, mainly through the security processor supports digital rights standards; through the market-proven advanced application programming Interface (API), accelerate the TV OEM time to market. FLI7510 SoC is now available to most customers begin testing.

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