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Ic EPM7064SLC44-6

DRAM manufacturers in recent years as the business cycle, they can not invest in new capital equipment, plus some other factors, the overall DRAM bit growth in 2010, probably only 2 less than expected 4%. This market research firm iSuppli DRAM market growth in 2010 has 49% rate cut to 45%.

EPM7064SLC44-6 Suppliers

Leading mobile consumer electronic devices, power management semiconductor suppliers AnalogicTech has introduced a voltage scaling for portable applications (voltage-scaling) step-down converter AAT1142, it is the first by a two-wire I2C interface and EPM7064SLC44-6 Suppliers and AnalogicTech The patented single-wire Simple Serial Control (S2Cwire ?) digital interface in two ways, to provide dynamic voltage management, voltage scaling step-down converter delivers up to 800mA output current. Most of the current high-end phones on the market come with a I2C, so they can easily use the power efficiency of voltage scaling. However, more price-sensitive mobile phone models can not be brought to bear to achieve I2C cost of the hardware and firmware. Single line through AAT1142 Simple Serial Control (S2Cwire ?) interface, designers can scale the voltage applied to almost all of the power savings for portable systems. The minimum 0.6V to 2.0V programmable up to within steps, AAT1142 provides dynamic voltage 50mV resolution management solutions. The converter can be wide input voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V to provide up to 800mA output current, efficiency up to 93%. For the optimization of power under full load conditions, the AAT1142 is designed with the efficiency of a multi-functional MODE / SYNC pin, the user can run through this pin in the whole range or the converter to an external clock synchronization to achieve a constant frequency and time Low noise. Dynamic voltage management to support a primary system at run time, by tracking the microprocessor idle - working state to quickly adjust the AAT1142 output voltage, only when needed to provide high power for the processor, thus extending the precious battery life. AAT1142 2MHz switching frequency of running, it can support the use of a small, space-saving external inductors and capacitors to reduce the area occupied by the system size. Overheating and short circuit protection circuitry to ensure that the devices and system components from potential damage, the converter also features internal soft start and low dropout 100% duty cycle operation functions. AAT1142 is available now, with lead-free 12-pin 3x3mm TDFN low-profile 12-pin TSOPJW package or lead-free package. AAT1142 rated operating temperature range is -40 ℃ to +85 ℃.

EPM7064SLC44-6 Price

November 6, 2009 ~ 9, 2009 China International Photographic Equipment and EPM7064SLC44-6 Price and Digital Imaging Fair (Expo 13th Hangzhou), Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in China World Trade Center International Hall, once again held.

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