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Ic EPM7064SLC84-10

self cleaning water is generally used in industrial alcohol (ethanol) as the cleaning solution, usually 3-8 minutes, washed, dried> fire detectors commonly used i

EPM7064SLC84-10 Suppliers

as fire fighting, environmental protection, electrical inspection and EPM7064SLC84-10 Suppliers and other requirements, fire detectors are generally specialized cleaning company to clean the fire, but with the safety of the people awareness of protection and the investment in fire safety equipment can also be relevant departments by the property company or own cleaning, thus eliminating the hidden dangers of not washing. Companys own cleaning of the fire detector, the number of small one-time cleaning, cleaning time and flexible, so the general election a small ultrasonic cleaner, the company launched a series of small ultrasonic cleaning machine can meet the above requirements.

EPM7064SLC84-10 Price

Process principle is based on ultrasonic cavitation effect and EPM7064SLC84-10 Price and the pure water solvent (such as cleaning agents) combined physical and chemical effects. Process for the hot dip - Ultrasound - Spray - Ultrasonic water - drying. Major equipment for ultrasonic cleaning machine, rinse basket, rinse tanks, drying equipment, stainless steel table, private (electrical parameters) detector, smoke box, anti-static facilities, water and other.

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