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Ic EPM7128AETI100-7N

Analog Devices (ADI) of the AD9549 dual-input network clock generator and IC EPM7128AETI100-7N and data communications for network designers of a new performance standard to maximize network uptime and increase system stability and reliability . AD9549 uses Analog Devices based on proprietary DDS (direct digital synthesis) technology, new architecture designed to achieve a more steady and (holdover), to have more time to achieve when the clock reference downtime recovery. If an input reference clock fails, the clock generator IC can continue to "hold" the output frequency until the benchmarks of the fault is restored. After using AD9549 to realize there is no restriction to keep the length of time - the output will maintain or provide power to the system until the new benchmark. Compared with other competing products, this product has greatly improved the ability to maintain stability, to an increase of 2 orders of magnitude (~ 0.37ppmvs ~ 30ppm), which makes the system boot time is significantly longer. AD9549 has two A and B can be mutually switched (switchover) of the reference input. This feature makes the system output clock failure in the primary reference clock can be maintained properly. AD9549 also allows users to set the loop bandwidth to optimize the benchmark A-basis B of the switching time. AD9549 dual-input network clock generator will reduce the jitter to 600fs (fs), than competing devices to improve 25%. AD9549 has a programmable digital loop filter bandwidth can be reduced to 1Hz, or even lower. IC AD9549 is the first of a kind DDS integrated product components, the components in the realization of such a narrow loop filter bandwidth and extended hold time with the switching function is essential. For example, such a narrow bandwidth devices can remove noise from the high input clock jitter, maximize data converter performance, and expand the market appeal AD9549. In addition, AD9549 provides flexible output frequency options, making applications in non-network system designers have been able to avoid further use of the frequency conversion circuit. Analog Devices AD9549 and the AD951x family of clock distribution IC and Analog Devices high-speed AD9445/6/7 analog - digital converter after the combination, can be used to form a complete clock path.

EPM7128AETI100-7N Suppliers

2006, Motorola and EPM7128AETI100-7N Suppliers and Huawei UMTS joint R & D center established in Shanghai. Was to say that both sides will work on the development of network architecture, products, solutions and engineering services to a series of R & D program, but now the situation is only responsible for Motorola's WCDMA market and marketing.

EPM7128AETI100-7N Price

Two weeks ago, the consortium took over the recommendations made to the CNET, but were refused. CNET introduced several anti-takeover provisions, seeking to prevent the acquisition of the control of the board plan.

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