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Ic EPM7160STI100-10

Fourth, innovative applications are constantly emerging, emerging market becomes more mature. Currently, the major emerging markets, including digital home market, 3G market, the automotive electronics market, and IC EPM7160STI100-10 and so in 2005 digital TV standard will be finalized, 3G licenses are expected to release, automotive electronics market is growing fast. In addition, the flat panel display, IP set-top boxes and other markets will also start with the digital TV market grow, so the ascendant emerging markets and emerging markets are driving the next few years the main growth driver IC market. The next 5 years the average annual compound growth rate of 26.6% CCID Consulting predicts that Chinas semiconductor market in 2005 will continue to grow, but compared to 2004, an increase of the momentum of a great fall, the market will be more than 40% since 2003, the growth , down to 17.2%. The one hand, the market growth rate decline in the domestic new chips from the gradual release of production capacity, excess capacity relative to the situation there; other hand, the 2004 integrated circuit product inventories increased consumption of inventory first half of 2005 will be the market faces a problem, so prices will be the inevitable trend. The market in 2006 will increase by a strong rebound, growth rate of 25.2%. 2007 under 3G, digital television, flat panel display market pull, the market will appear the rapid growth of 35.0%, becoming the highest growth rate in the next 5 years, the year the market in 2007, the market will reach 576.18 billion yuan. Olympic boost as the market has been reflected in 2007, so in 2008 the market growth rate began to decline slightly, the growth rate will reach 31.3%. 2009 market growth will be further reduced, to 25.

EPM7160STI100-10 Suppliers

"3G networks and EPM7160STI100-10 Suppliers and WLAN networks through joint development, 3G or WLAN improve the accuracy of resource allocation, thereby enhancing the efficiency of network resources. Coupled with the increase rate of 3G users to access, user experience has greatly improved. "Ye silver method added.

EPM7160STI100-10 Price

Note: 3G wireless network must be able to support different data transfer speed, which means that in the indoor, outdoor and EPM7160STI100-10 Price and vehicular environments, respectively, can support at least 2Mbps (megabytes Day / second), 384kbps (kilobytes / second) and 144kbpa speeds.

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