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Ic EPM7256AETI100-7

now the LED market, prices can be described as chaos, chaotic competition, product quality is generally poor. LED key to the development of enterprises in three aspects. On the one hand is the enterprise self-discipline to ensure the quality of LED products; the other is an urgent need to regulate industry management LED market; how to promote LED products, but also one of the key elements of enterprise development. LED products in the photovoltaic industry and IC EPM7256AETI100-7 and the lighting industry fame, but in the eyes of ordinary people is very strange. Therefore, the industry people who need to present and promote LED products.

EPM7256AETI100-7 Suppliers

In recent years, have emerged a large number of LED manufacturers, LED products are also increasingly used in the lighting industry. However, LED technology is not mature, LED market, despite the huge potential, but the current situation presents quite a mixed bag, disorderly competition and EPM7256AETI100-7 Suppliers and poor LED products flooding the market. In recent years, we have been in the LED market competition has made considerable progress and development, the monthly release of about 3 to 4 new varieties, research and development cost of 20 million.

EPM7256AETI100-7 Price

Furthermore, the difficulty in obtaining funds in China, Taiwan, plant and EPM7256AETI100-7 Price and equipment loans and more restrictions, to borrow money from the Bank of China had to be government intervention. But in Taiwan, except for the SME Credit Guarantee Fund, the policy project loans, there are tens of billions of the National Development Fund to help Taiwan. In addition, Taiwan also has investment tax credit, operational headquarters concessions, accelerated depreciation of equipment and equipment purchases and other benefits programs, this, Yaohua, Hua Tong, Yan Xing and other leading factory in Taiwan has been back a sort of understanding is not necessarily a bad thing. LED existing enterprises have not realized many of the brand development. Therefore, LED enterprises must see this point clearly, the brand is the ultimate business development.

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