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Ic EPM7256AFI256-10

3 Yue 31 news, the Chinese Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation recently announced the latest enterprise incentive preferential policies "fiscal 2008 One Man", the policy set forth in 0.25-micron fab in Mainland China Technology below 15% can be offset by corporate income tax; the same time invest more than 15 years, from the profit or even 5 years free of income tax. This latest investment tax credit provisions of the Mainland of China is expected to support the survival of mature technology fab, always tend to the consumer semiconductor chip market in Mainland China, is also a boon.

EPM7256AFI256-10 Suppliers

And E-3 the same, E-5 also uses a lightweight and EPM7256AFI256-10 Suppliers and rugged magnesium alloy body frame, and equipped with dust, splash-proof high-strength body structure, including the built-in flash, LCD display and switches, etc., were all major parts are sealed. Olympus ZUIKODIGITAL lens with the industry's most powerful splash and dust protection design (a total of 16 dust and splash-proof lens), the climate in any complex environment, E-5 has always been the photographer and Backpackers most loyal companion, in order to stabilize the performance of ignoring the harsh environment of the interference, to help users focus on the release of photographic inspiration. In addition, E-5 also with industry-leading SSWF Olympus ultrasonic dust removal system, the lens into the camera and fell during the replacement of dirt or dust on the sensor, or move during the shutter dust generated due to friction The system jitter can be effectively removed.

EPM7256AFI256-10 Price

Daily News reported, according to Jiaxing, Jiaxing City, the development of photovoltaic industry, "good" news, recently described as frequent. "Yuhui Light" as the provinces largest polysilicon materials, silicon manufacturers, first quarter sales revenue of 890 million yuan and EPM7256AFI256-10 Price and profits 160 million yuan, increased by 245%, 187%; also engaged in the production of silicon wafers, "Ka Crystal Electronics, "also completed the first quarter of this year sales of 56 million yuan, an increase of 26%; and the" super reach warp "transition the production of solar cells," Sun Valley ", is also the first quarter of this year, the sales income 100 million yuan.

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