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Ic FDS4935BZ

DisplaySearch estimated that, PC, and IC FDS4935BZ and LCD with LED backlight module shipments in 2007 will reach nearly 300 million units, large-size LCD module with LED backlight even been viewed as promoting the sales of the next generation of bright LED is one important application. In addition, LED-backlit LCD TV, do not contain mercury, environmental protection and better performance. Because the traditional CCFL backlight does not meet environmental requirements, in the July 1, 2006 implemented the EU RoHS requirements, the requirements on the use of the TV backlight technology, subject to $ 10 recycling fee of waste electronic products, which makes many companies to join the LED backlight development and trial production.

FDS4935BZ Suppliers

At present, SMIC, the leading wafer , domestic local customers have contributed about 2 percent of revenue, and FDS4935BZ Suppliers and in 2008, 2009, nearly one hundred new customers, but also most of the IC chip from the local domestic customers. However, the expiry of 10 years founded SMIC earned more than losses along the way, until this year so far in the latest quarter, are still losses. New chief executive, Dr. Wang also sworn in this years primary goal is to make money !

FDS4935BZ Price

Datang side said that the support of international companies can help China reduce the development cycle, improve product quality, to promote the third generation mobile communications in China. With the support of Siemens, and FDS4935BZ Price and now the Agilent, marking China's 3G has been internationally recognized, attracting the participation of domestic and foreign manufacturers. (Yang Xinxin )

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