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Ic FDS6994S

Recently, Kanazawa, Japan, Institute of Industrial Applications of Optical Field three Shangming trial justice research group out, the use of green light-emitting phosphorescent OLED materials, devices, luminous efficiency of 210lm / W. This is done by the light extraction efficiency (light extraction efficiency of phosphorescent materials is assumed 100% internal quantum efficiency calculated. With the same value of external quantum efficiency.) More than doubled, increased to 56.9% achieved.

FDS6994S Suppliers

South Korean flat panel display exhibition IMID2006 in the opening 23 in Daegu, AUO also invited to attend to the ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Deputy Liu Junting and FDS6994S Suppliers and speech. Liu Junting that the current focus on the development of TFT technology materials and power efficiency improvements, and he also estimates that the next generation LED backlight will be dominated. Liu Junting to four-wave evolution of TFT panel delivered a keynote speech, he said, the first wave focused on the development of the TFT TFT panel into the market, successfully opened up the PC, television application market, the second wave was focused on the evolution of display performance improvements. And now comes the third wave of the process, panels moved to strengthen the material, power and other key components of the improvement, so that the application of TFT is more play, as the fourth wave, TFT industry will emphasize the use of the interface is more user-friendly, more dollars will be applied to TFT. In addition, Liu Junting mentioned will dominate the next wave of LED backlight technology. He said that in light of the characteristics of power and under, along with white LED luminous efficiency of 70 lumens per watt has been reached, comparable with the CCFL, so after another into the end of this year, next year will continue to grow rapidly. However, based on color-TV panels to consider the degree, hoping to use RGB color mixing means, but only 45 lumens luminous efficiency, product introduction and also take some time. Exhibition on display this year, Liu Junting that, LCDs technology maturity and heights, image processing, color performance and body design are further enhanced. Because the performance is better than traditional TV shows, plus a while ago, the rapid decline in LCD TV offer, CRT TV LCD TV to replace the speed will be accelerated.

FDS6994S Price

In addition, the technical requirements of sending and FDS6994S Price and receiving multimedia messages both phones support this feature, but users of different operators to send text messages each performance and cost issues are also discussed stage. Can not be ignored is that the current carriers are often the way to none other price-cutting subsidies to sell, if the MMS can not bring them additional income, whether the carriers will continue to subsidize the phone, it fueled the industry?

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