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Ic FDS8936A

T1000 Series is the first without using any external memory that is capable of 250 ~ 500 Mb / s data speeds to work completely independent of the regular expression (reg-ex) processor. If configured for RAM-mode operation, then the host CPU T1000 processors can share the system memory to further reduce costs, reduce power consumption and IC FDS8936A and board space for only one-tenth of the previous generation. Users only need to add low-cost single-chip memory, can support the throughput of 1Gb / s ~ 2Gb / s high-performance applications. At present, competitive solutions require use of a variety of expensive external memory, the number of Gb throughput can be achieved.

FDS8936A Suppliers

from the current bipolar power electronic devices since the shutdown has reached hundreds of kHz frequencies, power electronics technology has entered a new era - - Inverter era. The frequency of the inverter will power a variety of industrial applications, home appliances and FDS8936A Suppliers and other vehicle applications as well as play an important role. One of the most important thing is communication speed, from small power to tens of thousands of kilowatt micro-motor of large motors, are likely to use the AC drive.

FDS8936A Price

FOXCONN945PL7AE-KS2H full-size color blue PCB with a large board design, the plate than the average in appearance but also a large number of ATX motherboards, from the This aspect, although the burst of the low price, this board is still quite the kind of materials, after all, to bring greater PCB board layout and FDS8936A Price and better heat dissipation, while the cost will be to bring some pressure on manufacturers .

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