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Ic FDV303N

Identification, NXP Semiconductors, senior vice president and IC FDV303N and general manager Christophe Duvern e, said: "Retailers and manufacturers (and even consumers indirectly) spends hundreds of millions of dollars in security costs, the co-operation with the Kestrel was expected to significantly reduce or even eradicate the disc media and consumer electronics in the retail supply chain theft problem. RFID technology to promote commodity production and distribution and the sales environment greatly improved, safe access to a new level of goods that can boost sales, reduce overall costs, while consumers can enjoy a more pleasant shopping experience ." about the short term the solution of the CD media, entertainment Chamber of Commerce (Entertainment Merchants Association, EMA) EMA president Bo Andersen on behalf of Loss Prevention Committee, said: "We are looking forward to such solutions, DVD and video game theft phenomenon has been repeated every year spent millions of dollars. to adopt more environmentally friendly, consumer friendly packaging, providing more shelf space to improve CD sales, and reduce the cost of returns, are the solutions to be considered an important factor the parties so as to achieve win-win ."

FDV303N Suppliers

NXP and FDV303N Suppliers and Kestrel network-based RFID solutions for the optical media and consumer electronics distributor to open up new opportunities, it does not require expensive safety equipment, restrictive packaging or display cases, while for consumers to create a more comfortable shopping experience. Its small size may well be more environmentally friendly packaging solutions, such as paper instead of plastic. In addition, you can reduce the disc media, DVD and other costs, and reduce the returns problem.

FDV303N Price

As long working distance ZL70101 chip, so patients with implanted medical devices to the surgical process, the base station and FDV303N Price and the programmer to be located outside the sterile environment. The programming equipment does not require sterilization and aseptic processing, it can shorten the operation time and lower health care costs.

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