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Ic FMS6418AM16

With consumers growing interest in personal navigation devices and IC FMS6418AM16 and cellular service operators desire to increase the location-based services, GPS technology has become increasingly important. According to market research firm In-Stat research, 2010 will be delivered approximately 47 million personal navigation devices and more than 436 million GPS technology using mobile phones. As GPS chip solutions for the improvement of integration and cost reduction, GPS technology will be extended to a range of new applications. GPS Business Unit, Broadcom Corporation, vice president and general manager Scott Pomerantz, said: "As consumers increasingly using location-based services, cellular and personal GPS navigation device market, technology and customer-GPS technology to show the incredible interest. Broadcom chip in the GPS market has established a strong technology leader, our solutions are the industrys best tracking sensitivity, lowest average power and the most complete software series, In addition, we are able to integrate GPS technology into other leading mobile chips and processors, this is our unique advantage. "Broadcom BCM4750 low-cost 90-nanometer CMOS process, using a superior receiver technology, has a very high tracking sensitivity. The GPS receivers take advantage of the Global Locate architecture, to the depths of the interior and the "urban canyon" environment to measure the faintest GPS signals to be measured signal levels as low as-162dBm. BCM4750 can be completed in just 1 second map updates, less than 15mW power consumption of navigation, according to published data comparing the table, it is the power consumption than competing solutions, the low for more than half.

FMS6418AM16 Suppliers

For the semiconductor industry, especially in DRAM and FMS6418AM16 Suppliers and foundry in the fierce competition = lower, in addition to capacity expansion race, but should also actively entered the advanced process, in the process shrinking of semiconductor equipment manufacturers to Asialink Moore (ASML) microinvasion (immersion) developing machine to sell Taiwan University, and deep ultraviolet (EUV) machines have begun to enter the market, investors look pretty. American Applied Materials (AppliedMaterials), Tokyo Electron (TEL), also benefited from booming orders.

FMS6418AM16 Price

Since 2005, the global shortage in silicon, the case of soaring prices, the PV industry is still an annual increase of 44% of the sustained and FMS6418AM16 Price and rapid development. Actual production in 2006 is close to 2.6GW (GW), production capacity more than 3GW, 2007 with an annual capacity breakthrough 5GW. According to statistics, the global PV power generation in 2007 compared to less than 0.01%, even though by 2010 this proportion does not exceed 0.1%, the photovoltaic industry is booming in the early stages of the world market is far from saturated.

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