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Ic FPF2124

in the growing market demand, only mastered the LED patents and IC FPF2124 and technology businesses, in order to ensure product quality, and superior in performance and other areas. Mastered the field as a minority of patents and innovative LED lighting technology is one giant in recent years through the acquisition of Philips Lumileds, TIRSystem, ColorKinetics, IltiLuce, PLI, Genlyte, etc. in the LED industry chain in the different levels of the leading companies are established from basic semiconductor chips, to package, to the module, and finished solid-state lighting fixtures value chain leadership. Lumileds is the world now has one of the four chip giant. Lumileds high power LED manufacturer in the global field of leadership established beyond reasonable doubt, and in automotive lighting, camera flash and other mobile phone made in the area round lead, extended to the general lighting areas.

FPF2124 Suppliers

TE / FE test stands for "track / focus error test", the test can detect a blank disc in the orbital properties of flatness and FPF2124 Suppliers and reflection quality, these factors have on the environment in high-speed disc is particularly important. Therefore, the test may be called a blank disc "quality detectors." In principle, it, TE (track error) of the curve is smooth and steady, indicating that the disc track (horizontal) more smooth, the easier the lock position the laser to burn a higher quality of regeneration. The FE (Focus Error) curve is smooth and steady, indicating that the disk of the disc (vertical) the more smooth, the error probability also smaller.

FPF2124 Price

Module has a significant characteristics: First, good process, good modular street repair, street lights most of the country now using a low-power chips, broken up a few very easy maintenance, and FPF2124 Price and modular basically the high-power chips, not easily broken, even if the bad is also easy to repair. Secondly, lower development costs, with less investment to create high-quality LED lighting products. The efficiency of LED lights 5 times higher than the energy-saving lamps, if the module is able to achieve large-scale production, the cost can be reduced by 2 to 3 times. Although the ratio of energy-saving lamps LED lamps expensive, but the conservation of energy is much higher than the energy-saving lamps, LED lamps many companies would choose, because a little more money can solve the energy problem, but in the long run, more money.

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