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Ic FST3384

market research firm ABI Research principal analyst Philip Solis said: "The single-chip 802.11n solutions developed 802.11n consumer electronics home is essential . home delivery of multimedia content between devices such applications will greatly benefit from the single-chip solution, because single-chip solution for low cost, small size and IC FST3384 and reduced number of external components, making it easier to design into the product. "

FST3384 Suppliers

BCM4322 wireless LAN chip is the second generation of Broadcom Intensi-fi products and FST3384 Suppliers and popular Intensi-fi technology is compliant with IEEE 802.11n 2.0 draft specification. The new wireless LAN chip, a unique structure, the maximum data rate of 300Mbps, the actual throughput of over 200Mbps, this performance over the existing 802.11n solutions and most wired networking products. BCM4322 also incorporates a number of innovative ways to achieve more can be * a wireless connection, and to expand the wireless network coverage, which will help Wi-Fi users at home or office wireless devices quickly transfer videos, photos, music and large data files.

FST3384 Price

Broadcoms Wireless Connectivity Group, wireless local area network (WLAN), vice president and FST3384 Price and general manager Michael Hurlston, said: "Our new Intensi-fi chip has been broken integration limits, can help provide smaller, prices are more moderate and has a cutting-edge wireless products. The new pricing will accelerate the 802.11n chip technology used, eliminating the number of Wi-Fi home network will become the backbone of all doubts ."

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