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the price of polysilicon from 2004 to the present 24 dollars per kilogram 480 dollars, just 4 years time the price increased by 10 times, and IC GAL16V8A-15LNC and there is no market price, demand, development has become an industry chain bottlenecks. The main reason for this situation is the need for greater refinement of polysilicon capital investment (new polysilicon plant requires an investment of 100 U.S. dollars / kg), more energy consumption (per 1 kg of polysilicon production needs of power 200-500 degrees) and more high threshold. Current international production of high purity polysilicon production technology of Siemens more than 85% using the modified method. It is the use of chlorine and hydrogen synthesis of HCl, HCl and industrial silicon powder in a certain temperature synthesis SiHCl3, and then purified SiHCl3 distillation separation, purification SiHCl3 after hydrogen reduction furnace in the chemical vapor deposition reaction of high-purity polysilicon . This high purity high purity polycrystalline silicon material, it generally takes more than 99.9999%. In a sellers market and driven by high profits in recent years, Chinas LDK, Luoyang Sino-silicon, silicon Sichuan Emei and the Sunbeam and other companies seek to enter the polysilicon industry, materials industry, the estimated total investment of nearly 400 million years can be formed after all produced 70,000 tons of production capacity. As technology advances, cell volume of silicon per watt from 05 years of 12g / W began an annual decrease of 5% in 2010 to reach 9.3g / W, the industrys goal is to reduce the amount of silicon to 6g / W. Coupled with the rapid development of thin film batteries, it will further ease the supply of polycrystalline silicon material situation.

GAL16V8A-15LNC Suppliers

HD CX2450x NXP SoC will soon be used in NDS MediaHighway transplanted to a new generation of PNX847x/8x/9x NXP SoC, the realization of 3D graphics and GAL16V8A-15LNC Suppliers and advanced power management features. NXP CX2450x chips, with silicon tuner and demodulator, can form a complete set of HD-DVR set-top box application solutions. Highly integrated systems designed to reduce materials, to support a variety of applications. A complete reference platform can be used for customer evaluation and development. Types of low-end set-top boxes using the driver complete, the system supports Linux operating system environments to run NDS MediaHighway.

GAL16V8A-15LNC Price

To stimulate the driving force of innovation for SMEs, the town has also established mechanisms for technology innovation awards every year to ensure budget allocation from 300 million, the awards carry out technological transformation, technological innovation activities of the project by the State Supreme Science and GAL16V8A-15LNC Price and Technology Award for Enterprise also receive 100 million in prize money.

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