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Ic GVT71128E36T-9

Q: We see that Panasonic is developing a system of micro-DV 43 products, we would like to know how Olympus is a look at this situation, it follows that also would like to ask, is not likely to Olympus class equipment, professional video camera category above or equipment, but are there likely to enter this relatively late?

GVT71128E36T-9 Suppliers

Tsinghua University - Flextronics SMT Lab Wang Yu Ming in the "China Electronics News" reporter interviewed stressed that the reliability of electronic products is the connection system, not that spot, it also includes PCB, components and GVT71128E36T-9 Suppliers and so on. "Lead-free solder and tin-lead solder than ten years only a short time, and the reliability of tin-lead have been four or five years, and very clearly know what the problem. Unleaded We do not know What are the problems. Some questions have answers, some questions remain unanswered, but just mention, for lead-free reliability problem is the industrys most pressing problems. "Wang Yu Ming said.

GVT71128E36T-9 Price

However, the most noteworthy is WT22D "crystal shield security", in the golden armor as hard as glass protection screen support, can effectively resist the external material damage on the screen, do not worry about the LCD screen is harmful substances erosion, to improve the life of the LCD display; addition, the U.S. grid display in the health and GVT71128E36T-9 Price and environmental protection, color reduction technology, user-friendly design, consistent quality performance and service improvement and leading, WT22D will be a buy the rest assured, with The comfortable high-definition large screen products.

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