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Ic GX4201

National Instruments (National Instruments, referred to as NI) recently launched a new AKD AKM servo drives and IC GX4201 and servo motors. Engineers and scientists can easily create scalable distributed motion control system. New product simplifies the installation and configuration process, to quickly deploy custom applications to support sports technology NI NI EtherCAT real-time controllers (including NI CompactRIO, PXI and NI real-time controller, industrial controller). In addition, NI has released NI LabVIEW 2010 NI SoftMotion module. The module provides support for NI EtherCAT drive to simplify application development movement.

GX4201 Suppliers

In addition Qite Jia also said that in November the new HTC PDA Smartphone released HTC Touch Dual, has built the "Shi Quan" Chinese input technology. The phone number of each of 12 keyboard, 20 keys with touch screen PDA, was Taiwan, Hong Kong listing, built-in line with the two markets using the phonetic habits, Cangjie and GX4201 Suppliers and strokes of Chinese input, so that users can use the keyboard or touch screen Fast input Chinese characters. Since the end of 2006, HTC has a variety of mobile phones in Asia Pacific, developed by Qi Tejia the "Shi Quan" Chinese input.

GX4201 Price

8 series before the introduction of AMD's first chipset 890GX, higher prices are also expensive specifications, so we are looking forward to a more civilian-oriented 880G. The 880G chipset is an integrated chipset, the price is cheaper, users believe that it will replace the 785G board as a new generation of cost-effective representation. Internal leak through the ASRock recently revealed some details of the latest AMD880G products. Chief Technology Officer Edmund Section

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