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Ic HA1-5104-5

UPS is an uninterruptible power supply in power high-end products in the industry, according to CCID Consultings statistics, in 2006 China sales of high power UPS power supply market was 22.1 billion yuan, an increase of 7.3%. Association believes that, if coupled with high-power industrial power equipment, UPS power supply with the demand, the market should have a considerable proportion of the increase in sales.

HA1-5104-5 Suppliers

SAN FRANCISCO June 27 news server designed for Quad Core microarchitecture IntelXeonMP new processors (codenamed: Tigerton) has been finalized in early September this year, listed in the third quarter is expected to ship 15% of the total proportion of in the fourth quarter rose to 55%, rapidly replacing the Netburst architecture Tulsa become a mainstream product is the first quarter of next year will reach as much as 80%. The following is the upcoming XeonMPTigerton models, specifications and HA1-5104-5 Suppliers and pricing (* are all one thousand unit quantities): ◎ XeonMPTigerton quad-core processor specifications / purchase X7350 (2.93GHz/8MBL2) -2,301 dollars E7340 (2.40GHz/8MBL2) -1,980 U.S. E7330 (2.40GHz/6MBL2) -1,391 dollars E7320 (2.13GHz/4MBL2) -1,177 dollars E7310 (1.60GHz/4MBL2) -856 dollars L7345 (1.66GHz/8MBL2) -2,301 million (low voltage version) ◎ XeonMPTigerton dual-core processor specifications / quotations E7220 (2.93GHz/8MBL2) -1,177 dollars E7210 (2.40GHz/8MBL2) -856 U.S. dollars from the foregoing, Tigerton the main core of all four models, not only offer very competitive, and there is low voltage introduced in parallel with the release version; the other hand, only two dual-core models, and offer relatively high. According to Intel, said, compared with the Tulsa, Tigerton not only significantly improve computing performance and low power consumption of 50 watts, 130 watts maximum, and Tulsa has 95 watts minimum, up to 150 watts, all day for the 24x7 operation of servers, Tigerton will be a year down the switch to save electricity under considerable TPV

HA1-5104-5 Price

In addition, SanDisk also recently launched the world's largest-capacity removable storage cards for mobile phones - from the Shanghai factory manufacturing 32GBSanDiskmicroSDHC&# 8482; card. The new microSDHC cards for users to store, send, and HA1-5104-5 Price and enjoy digital content unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

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