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Ic HA1-5320-5

Toyota Automatic Loom in the May 24, 2006 to 26 in Pacifico Yokohama convention centers "Man and IC HA1-5320-5 and Vehicle Technology Exhibition 2006", the display can be oriented using rechargeable batteries for household power supply to the "plug-in hybrid "of the inverter. Because it is used as an AC power source in the car, so in addition to the original old inverter, there will be hybrid rechargeable battery DC into AC function, but also with household AC power supply to convert alternating current to direct current energy after rechargeable battery function. Moreover, there is a feature of the inverter and DC-DC converters can use the same circuit. The envisaged development of the product to use rechargeable batteries for household 200V AC power supply, rechargeable largest 3kW. While in the car using the AC power, rechargeable battery 288V output will be converted to 100V AC current. Frequency of 60Hz or 50Hz. Maximum available power of 3kW. To achieve "plug-in" feature, mainly for the following 3 changes: (1) will be used to convert battery voltage converter DC-DC diode bridge rectifier to change into use IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar transistor) of the H-bridge, an additional control circuit; (2) added in the reverse circuit to improve power factor of the active filter control circuit; (3) the added charge control circuit. The company staff said: "This exhibit is still under development, ready to shape the future than the present size of the control to the inverter using a smaller level." (

HA1-5320-5 Suppliers

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) has introduced 7 new MicroFET products for 30V and HA1-5320-5 Suppliers and 20V for the following low-power applications the industrys most extensive series of small form factor devices to add new members. These MicroFET products combined in one device, Fairchilds advanced PowerTrench and packaging technologies, more traditional MOSFET performance and space advantages over. For example, they use 2mm x 2mm x 0.8mm molded leadless package (MLP), compared to commonly used low-voltage design 3mm x 3mm x 1.1mm SSOT-6 MOSFET package volume decreased 55% and 20% height reduction. SC-70 package compared to the traditional MOSFET, these new products is more excellent power dissipation and conduction loss characteristics. The new device combines MicroFET compact packaging and high performance, ideal for battery charging, load switching, boost and DC / DC conversion, and many other low-power, space-constrained ideal for power management applications.

HA1-5320-5 Price

As the first in the industry to create stylish representative of ultra-thin optical drive, ASUS thin along the order of the King family has always been based on the innovative design concept, will be "Technology and HA1-5320-5 Price and Art" double charm assembled in one, with to the user experience of new portable optical storage. Recently, the king around the thin Asus launched innovative ideas and creative lifestyle photography contest Wang thin smooth closing activities. Call for entries in the three-week period, collecting a large number of wonderful photographs, these works fully demonstrate the author's personality, played a creative, received enthusiastic recognition and response. Currently, the organizers after a difficult choice, to finalize and announce the winners.

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