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Ic HA2-5002/883

July 23, 2009AOCTV channel grand opening of the General Assembly in Beijing, the conference theme of "Xinghuoliaoyuan with new chapter," Edmund vice president and IC HA2-5002/883 and general manager of global business segments from the licensing Zhenhua, Edmund AOCTV Division General Manager Liu Dan, AOCTV Lu Division Sales Manager, attended the meeting ended, and with representatives of conspiracy to channel the country's market development plan for the next five years. The entire meeting was divided into "policy" and "Techniques", "move" the three chapters, the novel ideas through sand painting, interlocking, systems and image interpretation of the three leaders deployed AOCTV brand strategy, market planning and channel strategy. It was also released and shows both AOC LCD TV models across the board on behalf of 7 series 18 products. "A single spark can start a prairie fire" in the next five years, AOC will work together with channel partners, so that AOC LCD TV's prairie fire spread across the country.

HA2-5002/883 Suppliers

started this called "The Great Wall brand, fashion, China's" Battle of the first shot is GreatWall Tianba A92, marked the change did not take long after the Great Wall, this display will the price to 1799 yuan, breaking the 19-inch widescreen price freezing, showing tier companies should have the determination and HA2-5002/883 Suppliers and domineering king. And now, the Great Wall also displays another punch to the summer play - with Hyun good "Colorful Seduction," the GreatWallT178A will visit Beijing. This is the absolute majority of the young fashion advertised is a fatal temptation to believe that "colorful sun" T178A given the energy and cool the situation would have been less clear in the LCD market to bring more variables.

HA2-5002/883 Price

Achronix that the use of Intel22nm process to create the Speedster22i, compared to any FPGA chip market reached 300% performance advantage and HA2-5002/883 Price and power consumption can be reduced by 50%, 40% lower cost but also can be described as the world's strongest FPGA. Speedster22i There are two versions: Speedster22i-HP corresponding to high-performance, the highest frequency of 1.5GHz, the array density of 100000-700000 LUT; Speedster22i-HD high-density version of the highest frequency of 750MHz, but the density can reach 100,000 to 2,500,000 LUT, equivalent to a 20 million gate VLSI.

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