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Ic HC5549CM

report that the high brightness LED market will grow once again into the state. This is because basically no recent expansion of market size, there have been signs of stagnation sake. High-brightness LED market, after the protagonist is the mobile phone, mobile phones equipped with the color of the LCD panel, enabling the white backlight LED, camera flash also started with a white LED. More importantly, with the surge in mobile phone shipments, high brightness LED market in 2001 to 2004 achieved 46% annual growth.

HC5549CM Suppliers

· products at the same price, the highest performance DSP - Blackfin BF592 provide 800MMAC performance or 400MHz clock speed, so developers can run more complex algorithms to achieve more system-level benefits ;

HC5549CM Price

Shanghai June 26, 2003 (Xinhua Chou Yi) Following the success of the Shanghai high-end packaging and HC5549CM Price and testing industry - Intel Pentium D processor, the Intel Products Shanghai Co., Ltd. General Manager, said recently with Prime: Shanghai is very suitable as an international semiconductors, electronic integrated circuits manufacturing and R & D center. After the test of SARS, the development of Intels confidence in China will set up a technology development center in Shanghai factory, in the future of semiconductor packaging and testing technologies. May 15 this year, Intel officially assume the company in Shanghai, the chip cutting, packaging, testing and packaging a series of work, to the world supply of Pentium D processors, Intel Shanghai became the world one of the four assembly and test center . With Prime stressed: Although the Pentium D processor is Intels wafer fab in foreign countries, but as an important integrated circuit product, after the production process, packaging and testing of the technical content is also very high, fully proved that the Shanghai plant technical strength. Especially from the preparation to take over the delivery of the first products in less than a year, even in the atypical pneumonia still scheduled to begin production during the period, touching and convincing. It is reported that Intel is usually the final assembly and test sites in accordance with a processor, place of origin. Intel Products Shanghai Co., Ltd. is established in China, Intels first production-oriented enterprises, Pentium IV processor, packaging and testing, the companys product mix, in the initial stage of the flash memory chip, chip set based on the greatly enhanced. In the process of gradual expansion of production capacity, Intels investment in Shanghai, from early 1995 up to 3 million increase to the current 5 million. As the worlds largest e-commerce company, Intel is currently 90% of the related business through e-commerce system implementation. With Prime said: "Shanghai is not only a group of highly qualified staff, as an international city, but also with a good atmosphere for development of electronic commerce, e-mail, web conferencing and video conferencing are becoming increasingly popular in the city."

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