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Ic HCF4053

2009 years of Q1, in the global financial crisis, environment, semiconductor industry has experienced an unprecedented downturn. One year later, the device industry, the growth in Q1 over the previous year to reach 188%. VLSI equipment industry is expected to total full-year 2010 sales will reach 47.6 billion, representing growth of 95.8% in 2009, close to 48 billion U.S. dollars in 2000 the industrys highest front nearly 20 years.

HCF4053 Suppliers

Samsung Electronics, a senior source said: "We believe that the semiconductor market will hit bottom in the second half of next year after the resumption of medium-term economy. Even the difficult circumstances, we will not consider reducing investment ."

HCF4053 Price

to today, LCD has become the market mainstream, the price of LCD monitors still show a large drop in the state rose, but the trend in the market has been rationalized, the competition between brands gradual shift from price competition between technologies, competitive trends. As once said that "Long Guan" solution the world's NESO, LCD display products now account for 80% of shipments, indeed reborn, which is created by the 2006 layout of the video industry legend.

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