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LED light source technology as a pure digital , but also for the DLP display wall to bring more of the excellent display can be adjusted. splicing important application of display wall display unit target is to maintain the different colors, brightness and IC HCF4094BEY and contrast based on technical indicators such as consistency. traditional light sources in different product the brightness of the color temperature deviation longevity, a video wall effect of uniform overall adjustment difficulties. LED light source as a product of pure digital technology, digital technology can be fully adjusted to display, at the same time under different light sources with good consistency of performance. use of LED light source, will be the DLP rear projection display wall products such as consistency of performance in the commissioning of the advantages to further strengthen .

HCF4094BEY Suppliers

In addition, the communication base station power supply and HCF4094BEY Suppliers and low power consumption air conditioning manufacturing, and other energy saving technology showcase, will reflect the information and communication industry-wide actively promote "energy conservation, green development" concept; emergency communications and security technology showcase will show information and communication technology in disaster mitigation, emergency support to play a positive role.

HCF4094BEY Price

Yi Jie E306 hydraulic roller with FDB automatic balancing technology and HCF4094BEY Price and wireless suspension GMR head design, the embedded SATA perpendicular recording technology, 8MB cache, faster transfer rate stability; Yi Jie E306 frosted effect of the use of imported high-temperature , appear simple fashion, classic and elegant style, the first lead-free by the EU ROHS environmental protection authentication, the security environment of double guarantee.

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