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Ic HCNW2611

today, or two-dimensional transistor, the future will be a three-dimensional, which can accelerate the progress of Moores Law can be reduced from 18 months to 12 months, of course, only NAND-type flash memory only, but not for logic circuits. The next step will be to promote the industrys fastest NAND flash memory.

HCNW2611 Suppliers

Chinese consumer electronics industrys rapid development is due to meet the industry convergence direction. However, the emerging set-top boxes, handheld computers, handheld PC and HCNW2611 Suppliers and other products, to break the computer, communications, the boundaries between home appliances, consumer electronics companies to open up a new realm. Replacement of consumer electronic products faster, some high-end brands will be released almost every week a new product. Digital technology as the rapid development of the consumer electronics industry, the driving force, speed up product from basic to high-end digital products, electronic products, the pace of transformation.

HCNW2611 Price

In the market research firm Display Search view, the domestic 5th generation LCD production line will be an oversupply in 2009, when the 5th generation line will be the first to enter the loss cycle. Display Search Marketing Director of the Shenzhen office, said Zhang Bing, "The reason why the current domestic 5th generation line profitability, because in the world in 2006-2007 is almost no new 5th generation line of investment, domestic manufacturers began to enter the early return of investment. But In 2008 the world will have 170,000 of the 5th generation line of new capacity into production, including the groups 90,000 new innovation capacity, 17,19 inch screen that will completely change the supply and HCNW2611 Price and demand. "compared to LCD TVs, digital photo frame 50 per year % of the rapid growth, the 5th generation line cutting the 17-inch, 19 inch screen LCD computer monitors are mainly used for its growth in the next few years will be between 5% -10% after 2010, Shen Zhi to a standstill , and this investment will lead to the current 5th generation production line is facing the threat of excess output.

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