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Ic HCPL-2200

LCD TV as the main current of the cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlight (CCFL) has some significant disadvantages: such as low color gamut, containing mercury, light-emitting efficiency is low and IC HCPL-2200 and so on. The LED (light emitting diode) color gamut of its high luminous efficiency, fast response time, environmental protection and other features, the backlight on the LCD TV has an important impact areas.

HCPL-2200 Suppliers

April 1 message, a new kind of plastic can be used as a better semiconductor materials, will recover quickly after the birth of damaged portable electronic products. According to dailytech website reported, "Droppedcalls" for researchers in the Netherlands Paulette has a different meaning. This research foundation in basic materials, a doctoral student has found a way to make mobile phone or other personal electronic products more robust, less likely to fall to the ground when the method of damage. In its first published in "Physical Review Letters," published in the paper, Paulette, said portable electronic devices prone to failure because they used microchip materials. According to Paulette said to improve cell phone fell to the ground when the "viability" of the key is to use plastic instead of silicon semiconductor chips. The problem is the plastic is not a good conductor of current. Paulette said that the conductivity of plastic semiconductor materials than the existing 1,000 times worse. Her solution is to use a special developed by German engineers, plastic, plastic and HCPL-2200 Suppliers and most of the plastic that has a significantly different structure. Plastic is composed of molecular chains, most plastics break the molecular chain will appear, and is asymmetrical. However, this new plastic has a relatively stable shape of the molecular chain of the ladder, and more similar to conventional semiconductor materials. Paulette by bombardment using a particle accelerator, the new plastics, the accuracy of 100 microseconds recorded the response time of this material, confirmed his view. She passed the test of this material by microwave absorption rate of its conductivity. Paulettes research shows that plastic chips are entirely feasible, more ruggedness will pave the way for personal electronics.

HCPL-2200 Price

June, bingo, international product launches (Fuzhou station) a successful conclusion. Conference, bingo, general manager of the International Young made a warm speech on the bingo international culture, adhere to quality, humane and HCPL-2200 Price and brand of roads were excellent exposition; should the majority of the requirements of Taiwanese IT industry colleagues , bingo, Yang Zhigang, general manager of international issues of concern to all dealers with the friends you made frank and detailed exchanges.

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