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Ic HCPL-3121

IDT vice president and IC HCPL-3121 and general manager of IP co-processor Derek Dicker said: "IDT is very pleased to announce our industry-leading search accelerator product family has a new extension . The new devices provide the industry with the first framework 1BSPS performance and improve the performance of 20% and 100% of the density, but also contribute to the achievement of new innovative features, flexible results management and control of current surges through closely with our key customers to communicate to achieve. For those who already use our search accelerator product before the launch of mass production customers, we can also provide with pin and software compatible with existing products, new products and help them on the system upgrade ."

HCPL-3121 Suppliers

Beijing, April 16 Xinhua Lu Yin, such as from today at the "IC Design Services - Assembly Test Forum" was informed that Beijing in recent years to seize the integrated circuit industry leading innovation, and HCPL-3121 Suppliers and vigorously promote the integrated circuit chip design services that - testing, packaging platform, has been noticed. Zhengji Chun, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, according to introduction, some experts point out that Silicon Valley in the United States extends to 10 miles in either direction within the support of IC design industry can be found in the packaging and testing services. The IC industry in Beijing, there are still some aspects of the missing issues. Companies made some design, testing, packaging difficult and expensive, long cycle, and sometimes fatal blow. To address these issues, Beijing launched the "Technology Platform of Services Capital Construction" theme program, and achieved initial results. Rest and Beijing by the Beijing Huatai Tai Institute of shared automated testing of the project, two years to complete the more than 40,000 wafers IC production test and 5000 wafer chip design verification services, including the national identity of the second generation card, Godson One and so on. People from the core commitments of the Beijing Times also launched the project, will provide the design of small quantity and variety of packaging services. Design Branch of China Semiconductor Industry Association Chairman Wang Qin Sheng introduction, design innovation is leading the integrated circuit industry, and testing, packaging design is to support enterprises and an important part of the integrated circuit industry. In the design industries, Beijing is the cluster effect of highlighting the important areas, the birth of a national second-generation ID card, Godson, Chung Chi, Star series and a number of "China chip" major innovations. Beijing government to promote the testing, packaging platform for the promotion of integrated circuit design industries, promote the development of Beijing and the country integrated circuits are of great significance.

HCPL-3121 Price

Performance, push-pull Yi Jie F8 U disk using the latest international dual-channel technology to enhance the transmission speed, and HCPL-3121 Price and using the original A-class Flash chip, data storage is more stable, high-speed. International standards USB2.0 interface, transfer rate up to 480mb / s (theoretical value), the integration of professional design, chip production, professional and reliable.

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