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Ic HCPL0501

Although Acer chairman JT Wang has pointed out that the "ultra-portable computer does not consider the use of low-cost as a major offensive", according to a notebook makers have revealed that the first ASUS II Easy PC shipments to OEM manufacturers trading price of about 300-350 U.S. dollars, which expects its U.S. market price of between about 400-500, while Acer manufacturing orders issued out of the 250-300 dollars directly out of stock trading price, the market price is expected to only 350-400 dollars.

HCPL0501 Suppliers

"Although the Chinese LED industry, investment and HCPL0501 Suppliers and capacity expansion is accelerating, LED lighting manufacturers more than 3000, but 70% of them concentrated in the lower part of integrated applications, the lack of upstream core technologies, and because of generally small scale enterprises and the lack of standards, product quality and uneven. "According to the Shenzhen Tian Han Zhen Wu, chairman of music technology, and now many cities are undertaking domestic LED lighting demonstration projects and alternative project, but LED lighting is also limited to the slip road, district roads, pedestrian street, the limited range of applications, in particular, is of varying quality LED lighting products. He said: "I once drove through a city rain LED demonstration Road, 20 bar LED lights only lit twenty-three."

HCPL0501 Price

AtmelCorporation and HCPL0501 Price and embedded software components of the leading supplier of Micrium has announced, Micrium now supports Atmel full range of the AT91SAM7 and AT91SAM9ARM-based controller. Micrium products involved in real-time operating system, TCP / IP stack, file system and embedded GUI and USB applications. Atmels ARM marketing manager JackoWilbrink microcontroller, said: "Embedded peripheral support for the use of our micro-controller is critical in terms of maximum performance. It is worth mentioning that, Micrium for Atmels peripheral DMA controller (PDC) the first RTOS to support supplier. "Micriums support of the existing Atmel components in the port of embedded processors - including uC / OS-II, uC / TCP-IP, uC / FS, uC / GUI, and uC / USB is supported in addition to Atmel microcontroller products based SAM7X/XCARM7TDMI AT91SAM7S, but also including those based on ARM926EJ-S (TM) processor, AT91SAM9260, SAM9261 and SAM9263. JeanLabrosse Micrium president and CEO, said: "have a proven and reliable embedded components of the existing ports for product developers in assessing the use of micro-controller, which brings tremendous value. Atmel offers the industry a number of ARM-based high-performance innovative products. Micrium is pleased to market the highest performance embedded components to support Atmel products. "Micriums embedded components support Atmel microcontrollers Micrium products are as follows: uC / OS-IIRTOS is a highly portable, can be cured (ROMable), scalable, preemptive, real-time multitasking kernel. uC / OS-II prepared by ANSIC code. uC / OS-II can meet the RTCADO-178B standard for avionics software in the demanding requirements. uC / TCP-IP is a compact, reliable, high-performance TCP / IP protocol stack. Both scalable and highly reliable, uC / TCP-IP network options to achieve the required rapid configuration to minimize time-to-market time. uC / FS is a file system for embedded applications, providing high-performance libraries can be used in any media, so that users can access the hardware-based functions. uC / GUI is designed to provide an efficient, independent of the processor and LCD controller graphical user interface (GUI), to be used for any work with a graphic LCD display application program. uC / USB allows users to quickly and easily develop software for embedded devices and the computer communicate via USB interface

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