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Ic HD64F3067F20

Looking back on the multimedia audio market in 2007, three Connaught, with its professional R & D team, strong manufacturing advantages and IC HD64F3067F20 and broad series of domestic and international sales channels not only the introduction of N-15G, N-25G, N-20G Ⅲ such as number of known to cost 2.0 bookshelf box in the new low-end, the first of the three Sino-side electronic crossover masterpiece N-35G, and close off the end of specific high-end users masterpiece PC-HiFi Speaker N-50G, added to the market more than wipe bright colors. Three Connaught so good governance, innovation, and constantly give users a surprise, in the multimedia speaker industry legend written one after another to a very high price to meet customers for high-quality 2.0 speaker active pursuit. One of the most able to benefit from the fear that consumers should have been a few since the advent of highly respected eternal series of new N-20G Ⅲ.

HD64F3067F20 Suppliers

, according to the production of the project is responsible for operations and HD64F3067F20 Suppliers and infrastructure Huaxing power plant, senior vice president of Golden dawn introduced in the country, Huaxing power to create the same kind of project construction area of the record, and has the largest single clean room, but also the first non-raised floor system with the building. Project will produce 26 to 32 inches, 46 inch and 55-inch TV with LCD screen, color TV manufacturers in China to ease "the pain of missing screen."

HD64F3067F20 Price

from the long-term development trend, and HD64F3067F20 Price and the development of CCFL backlight is similar to TV, LED backlight TV prices fell a larger space. The PRC, according to estimates, from 2009 to 2015, 55-inch, 46 inch and 42-inch LED backlight products the average price will be reduced to 8,870 yuan, 7,273 yuan and 4,334 yuan, a decrease of 70.8%, 62% and 56.4% .

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