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Design and IC HD74HC08RPEL and high-performance analog solutions manufacturer Intersil Corporation has announced the high-efficiency, 1.5A synchronous buck integrated FET regulator ISL8009, a data communications / telecom, battery-powered systems, medical equipment and a variety of industrial applications, the load ideal point of regulation. ISL8009 is designed for the use of special multi-operation functions, which can be mandatory PWM mode and automatic PWM / PFM modes to choose. 2 This ability to switch between modes enables the regulator at full load and light load conditions, are able to maintain up to 95% efficiency. And, when the device is in PWM mode, the quiescent current dropped to 17μA, and makes the ISL8009 ideal for battery powered applications one of the options. ISL8009 includes features such as high switching frequency (1.6kHz) and the like characteristics, which can use a smaller external components. The device also has internal current mode compensation, can eliminate the need for external components, as well as over-current conditions conducive to fast transient response. ISL8009 other important features include power-on reset (POR) and enable (EN), used to provide output voltage monitoring and power sequencing capabilities, thereby eliminating the need for other discrete IC. ISL8009 has a high level of integration, a small 2 × 3 8-lead DFN package, and less than 1 square centimeter in a small space to provide users with an efficient solution. Pricing and Availability The ISL8009 is an 8-lead DFN package, the 1,000-unit price of 1.52 dollars.

HD74HC08RPEL Suppliers

Gamma Wei Huang: We have a standard 3.5 mm headphones, the quality is very good. Many users have their own favorite music, favorite headphones. Users can also plug in headphones to go with their own. We are early in the domestic market, there will be a limited edition of 5,000 sets, with our partners in the headphones.

HD74HC08RPEL Price

SIMCom recently launched a GSM / GPRS + GPS combo wireless module solutions SIM508C/SIM548C. SIM508C/548C is a two-band / quad-band GSM / GPRS wireless module supports SiRF Star III AGPS technology. GSM / GPRS and HD74HC08RPEL Price and AGPS technology enables the integration of GPS tracking SIM508C/SIM548C meet, navigation, vessel traffic monitoring and other equipment and asset management, and other GPS applications.

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