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In recent years, many representatives of the province advanced scientific research and IC HD74HC74FPEL and technological level of military technology after another, "flying into the homes of ordinary people." 9-day "2007 military and civilian defense industry in Shaanxi projects and product launches", and there are more than 20 civilian research and technology, hoping to find help these projects out of "purdah" partners, many of which are represent the most advanced of a level or fill the gaps in the technology or product. Chinas first self-owned intellectual property rights "TFT Color LCD Display Driver --- Dragon T1" first appeared in the promotion conference. At present, Chinas mobile phone LCD driver IC demand for each of 370 million, nearly 10 billion market, but there is no independent research and development of driver chips, has been entirely dependent on imports. Last year, the successful development of the chip, ready to achieve mass production this year, when the production of mobile phones using this chip, the cost will be reduced and people will buy cheaper phones. Meanwhile, the chip can also be used in computers, MP3, MP4, PDA, digital cameras and other products. At present, all fields are usually extracted by pumping oil from the ground, pumping units installed at the wellhead never-ending need to function, power consumption and equipment wear quite amazing, especially in low-yield oil wells, "empty pumping" phenomenon serious waste of huge. 9, the promotion conference in the emergence of the "oil energy-saving controller", then no one from the essential to achieving the set and periodically adjust the time, to avoid the ineffective pumping operation. If this project uses in the northern oil fields, each of 200 million yuan will be able to save money, save electricity 260 million degrees.

HD74HC74FPEL Suppliers

SAN FRANCISCO April 10 news, the recent emergence of a new series of Intel products, companies, non-stop this week, and HD74HC74FPEL Suppliers and for desktop gamers released a quad-core processors, according to IDG News Service, Core2ExtremeQX6800 clock frequency 2.93GHz, which is announced in November last year, Intel Clovertown Xeon server chip has 12 designs a fastest. Intel says that speed is ideal for gamers and digital designers to use. Multi-core chips running multiple threads can improve the speed of the computer software, the method is the large task into several parallel parts dismantling. Until now, this software is still largely confined to areas of server applications, but recent software developers to the growing number of multi-threaded games. Microsoft this month released the latest version of the "flight simulator" for multi-threading. Intel said in a statement that the latest chip will also reduce the high-definition media editing, video encoding, such as waiting time. Intels new emerging multi-core in recent weeks, rival AMD to feel the pressure. According to plan, AMD will release this year a quad-core products, namely, code-named "Barcelona" Opteron server chip. On Thursday, Intel released two low-power version of Core2Duo processors, the U7600 and U7500; On Wednesday, Intel announced that the IT will manage its vPro technology into the market soon in June SantaRosa Centrino notebook platform; addition On Tuesday, Intels high-end embedded applications released two quad-core processors. Core2ExtremeQX6800 Intels latest processor price $ 1,199. It is reported that the cache capacity of the product 8M, with 1066MHz front side bus.

HD74HC74FPEL Price

The "home appliances" project all the phones are GSM phones, China Mobile all involved. Relying on China Mobiles network coverage in rural well, China Mobile to provide data services of agricultural ICT can provide farmers with timely and HD74HC74FPEL Price and effective kinds of information.

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