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Ic HEF4001BP

compared to the existing SignalMaster Quad Virtex-II series boards, SignalMaster Quad Virtex-4 cPCI development board in performance has been greatly improved, through its unique structure of DSP + FPGA, DSP algorithms for complex development and IC HEF4001BP and testing provides an efficient real-time environment. Onboard multi-chip 1-GHz TMS320C6416 DSP chip interconnect, with a strong multi-channel, high-baseband processing capability.

HEF4001BP Suppliers

car audio system with more complex, customers need a richer sound, audio components must be able to handle more channels and HEF4001BP Suppliers and higher power. In the audio amplification applications, Class AB analog amplification is a common technique for the application, AB amplifier has been widely used in the audio industry. In contrast, D, amplification using pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, the power efficiency of Class AB amplifiers from 50% to 90%. This can reduce the fever, in a smaller space to support more channels and higher power, so the industry began to slowly Class D amplification technology transition. However, due to the demanding automotive environment, security, diagnostic, operating temperature range and high reliability are a lot of restrictions, ClassD technology naturally there are many technical obstacles, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and power supply noise. Freescale Semiconductor SymphonyClassD provides a high fidelity amplifier system solutions, using innovative digital feedback technology, greatly improves the audio performance ClassD amplifier. SymphonyD class solutions ClassD digital amplifier solutions include SymphonyFSA95601 digital amplifier controller chip and the MC33851 output power stage chip. FSA95601 is a high performance digital amplifier controller 6-channel Class D digital amplifier controller that can handle six channels of pulse code modulation (PCM) digital audio input and generates the corresponding PWM outputs to drive external power level after . MC33851 output power stage integrated with a two-channel H-bridge power stage and advanced diagnostic and protection for each channel needs 50 ~ 100W (bridged) power applications. Symphony solution also can accept direct input from the DSP digital signal, so do not need to prepare for each channel digital / analog converter. In this way, the middle level of less unnecessary conversion, natural sound quality can be significantly improved, the cost can be reduced with the decline in the number of components.

HEF4001BP Price

Texas Instruments MCU market forecast for this year also exciting, according to the Ministry of embedded control, senior business development manager Martin described the earthquake, TIs MCU products are mainly three kinds, namely, 16-bit MSP430, 32 bit C2000, and HEF4001BP Price and the company last year after the acquisition of the new Luminary kernel based ARMCortexM3 products; which, MSP430 increase this year, more than 50%, C2000 will increase by more than 60%, while core MCU based ARMCortexM3 this year will increase by over 380%.

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