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2006 Flat Panel Display Industry in Guangdong Investment Forum 18 news conference held in Dongguan, Guangdong Provincial Information Industry Department of Industrial Management Science Director Young said that the Guangdong government at all levels attach great importance to flat panel display industry to enhance the role of the Guangdong economy, will do its utmost accelerate the development of flat panel display industry. At the meeting, Yang also said the school is under construction in Guangdong Province and IC HEF40106BP and the negotiation of the 8 large flat panel display item. The flat panel display include: CPT Shenzhen module project; Nanhai CMO module project; LPL module project in Guangzhou; Shenzhen Julong sixth-generation line of photoelectric panels project; Shanwei Truly the second-generation line of panel project; 5.2 generation of ultra-deep line of photovoltaic panel project; 4.5 generation of low-temperature polysilicon panel projects; to negotiate with the foreign manufacturers of 7.5 / 8 on behalf of the line of panel items and more. The introduction of these projects, Guangdong Province, will initially address upstream from the phone to color matching problems, the introduction of upstream and downstream industries to attract and agglomeration. Yang Xue said the new situation and industry, market demand, Guangdong Province, all levels of government and industry have formed a consensus, and vigorously build to TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) flat panel display industry, consisting mainly of new imperative , will take effective measures to speed up around the flat panel display industry, the pace of development. The industry leader in the trend of the Beijing-Shanghai, Guangdong will give full play to the economic base, a strong downstream industries and other advantages, through the introduction of multiple panels / module production line to attract the upstream equipment, materials supporting the rapid establishment of a complete flat panel display industry chain. Flat panel display industry in Guangdong Provinces development objective is to play a color TV and other terminal of the advantages of large-scale machine products, vertical integration of industrial chain, forming a comprehensive range of middle and lower reaches, the worlds major flat panel display industry base. By 2010, the output value of flat panel display industry in Guangdong will reach 3,000 billion yuan.

HEF40106BP Suppliers

ARMADA 628 triple-core processor contains a complete SoC design, in addition to the three processor cores, there are six additional processing engines, which provide 3D graphics support, 1080P video encoding / decoding, high-fidelity audio, data encryption and HEF40106BP Suppliers and digital photo processing functions. The processor supports USB 3.0 is the first mobile CPU products.

HEF40106BP Price

9 28, Wolfson Microelectronics Co., Ltd. announced the WM8325 power management subsystem, the subsystem is the worlds highest current monolithic power management chip (PMIC), to include the intelligence of the , tablet PCs, e-books, media players and HEF40106BP Price and smart phones, including a variety of portable multimedia applications provide solutions .

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