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supplier of chip design solutions, Magma (Magma) Design Automation Inc. today announced that Magma Titan Mixed-Signal level has passed the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for testing, to support TSMC 65-nanometer process design kit interoperability (iPDK) interoperability and IC HEF4066BP and accuracy. iPDK eliminates the development and use of multiple special needs of PDK and design of the database, the realization of the full re-use design data. Titan provides advanced features and iPDK accurate process models and process data for the designers the perfect combination of mixed-signal chip design provides the best shortcuts.

HEF4066BP Suppliers

Actions Semiconductor is a leading developer of multimedia audio and HEF4066BP Suppliers and video processing IC of the company, along with the rapid growth of MP3 market, the company every year in recent years, the growth rate of 10 times forward, the first three quarters of this year sales of more than 100 million U.S. dollars. General Manager Zhao Guangmin Actions that, in the electronic information industry, electronic products, each has a its own industrial chain, industrial chain as a whole if the development was positive, then all aspects of the industry chain will also thrive. In order to make a positive cycle chain, the chain leading to need a leader links up with the whole chain. For example, he said that in the MP3 link, Actions Just play a leading role, the bigger the chain; in mobile phone industry chain, some cell phone companies are starting to lead the whole effect. In the process of independent innovation, the emergence of China needs some more products in the industrial chain of the respective lead roles in the enterprise. IP-related patents in the policy, Zhaoguang Min suggested that China is currently patent pending for too long, change very fast on the IC industry will not achieve the appropriate protection, hope that the relevant government departments, industry, according to characteristics of IC industry to do adjustment. The industry believes that, in LGDisplay driven, ultra-thin appearance of the superior picture quality with the perfect combination of direct type backlight technology will be more easily into a trend.

HEF4066BP Price

straight down behind the approach is uniformly distributed in the panel, LED, light source light divergence can be communicated to the entire screen evenly. It uses the Lo-calDimming (area control) technology to display black when the area directly off the corresponding LED light, can show a very perfect black. Therefore, experts generally believe that straight down the backlight can be more accurately render the image, and HEF4066BP Price and show good color and chiaroscuro effects. However, LED light distribution requires a certain space, direct type backlight technology to reduce the thickness, you need to more closely install more LED, the light spread of minimum space, or the tuner, power supply department and other parts of a single isolated substrates. Because of this, LGDisplay introduced into 2.4cm thickness control of the direct type LED backlight modules, so that the industry is amazing.

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