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Guangdong Province, LED (light emitting diode) industry alliance established, the Guangdong Provincial Information Industry Department, the Provincial Development and IC HEF4518BT and Reform Commission, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the provincial Department of Finance and around the city department in charge of information industry-related leaders attended the meeting. In recent years, the LED as the representative of the optoelectronics industry has achieved rapid development, but also less obvious, mainly for the following aspects: First, the overall distribution is more scattered, the cluster effect is not obvious; Second, the industrial scale are relatively small, the lack of leading enterprises; Third, technological level. To change this situation, you must LED business in the region together. To this end the Guangdong Provincial Information Industry Department to guide the establishment of internal and external business LED Industry Alliance, to change the LED enterprises in Guangdong Province the situation their own way, make joint efforts to build a LED industry in Guangdong province. The General Assembly elected, Chairman Li Xuliang Kingsun LED Industry Alliance of Guangdong Province, the first President, Wang Hao LED League Secretary-General of Guangdong Province, South China Normal University Institute of Optoelectronic Materials and Technology, Guang-Han Fan as supervisors.

HEF4518BT Suppliers

Yano Economic Research Institute predicted the 2008 consumer market than the accelerometer increased by 30.8% over the previous year, reaching 200 000 000 74500000. Vehicle acceleration sensor with 12.2% than the previous year, reaching 200 000 000 82300000. Thus, consumer and HEF4518BT Suppliers and automotive accelerometer with acceleration sensors will be nearly the same number scale. On the other hand, is expected to angular rate sensor (gyroscope) and consumer sensors, automotive sensors than the total growth of 29.5% over the previous year, 1.3 million to 200 million.

HEF4518BT Price

ook back on 2009: through the financial crisis, China contributed 2009 global semiconductor industry revenue in 2008 dropped more than 320 billion U.S. dollars, will serve as the history of the global semiconductor industry One of the worst years to stay in peoples memory. "ISupplis Dale Ford, senior vice president, said recently wrote an article in 2009, the global electronics contract manufacturing industry shrank to 261 billion U.S. dollars, more than 301 billion U.S. dollars in 2008 fell by 40 billion U.S. dollars, the financial impact of tsunami on the electronics industry by the This can be seen.

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