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Ic HI1-539-5

2009, the average price of PV systems decreased by 11%, while the average price of crystalline silicon components fell 38%. iSuppli predicts that the price of PV systems in 2010 will drop 10%, component prices dropped 20% Qiangzai. Three factors seem to lead to such a price difference between the rate of decline. One is the equilibrium (BOS) components and IC HI1-539-5 and installation of associated costs, namely, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), declined more slowly. Another reason is that the dispersion characteristics and installation business, leading to cost savings initiative is not strong. The third reason and the second related to a matter of national projects to encourage solar power to provide preferential policies, such as the preferential long-term purchase price (FIT), discounts and tax incentives, these factors help system prices remain at more high. The last point is concerned with the project developers and system installers need to demonstrate an attractive return on investment the owner (ROI) and payback period will be able to get the business, do not offer the lowest price.

HI1-539-5 Suppliers

2009 Chinas economy in response to the global economic downturn, to promote the economic revitalization of public works, LED street lamp investment plan is in line with their needs. Guangdong, for example, this year, Guangdong Province began a large-scale implementation of the "thousand million" high-power LED lights to promote industrialization demonstration projects, namely Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhaoqing, Shantou City, about 1,500 km total length of the construction, scale of about 100,000 of the LED street lamp demonstration and HI1-539-5 Suppliers and extension projects. Science and Technology in 2009, is expected to promote the "city of ten thousand ten" LED lights set plan, but also attracted Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Heilongjiang and Hebei provinces and the active participation of 21. As Chinas unique style planned economy, the central government-led plan will lead the direction of the local government, in 2009 China LED street lamp market will take off, expect the market size at about 800,000 or so.

HI1-539-5 Price

LED luminous efficiency is divided into internal and HI1-539-5 Price and external quantum efficiency, internal quantum efficiency for the fundamental up to 80% or 90%, the outer quantum efficiency of the emitted photon can not be effectively , as the heat generated by absorption of lead LED junction temperature rise, while reducing the quantum effects, which should be reached only LED luminous efficiency of the overall general level of conventional lighting the reason. Thus, finding a balance between the luminous efficiency to achieve effective way of science. The enhancement of LED luminous efficiency will directly reduce the cost of LED particles brought down.

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