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Ic HI5728/6IN

It is understood, SK Telecom is the first overseas TD-SCDMA trial network construction by foreign operators. South Koreas TD test network was built to open in early February, April test platform opened at a cost of $ 58,000,000. Since then, through the relevant test, the first time in the world, the TD-SCDMA international video calls (between China and IC HI5728/6IN and South Korea) and TD-SCDMA and WCDMA international video calls across the network to achieve interconnection. South Korea SK Telecom said it plans to test network upgraded to TD-HSDPA, and will work with Datang Telecom Group to develop more 3G services. In addition, SK has been officially launched this month in Tsinghua Science Park Zhongguancun R & D center in China, and also plans to launch the first quarter of next year, TD SK brand mobile phone. Meanwhile, South Korea has also set up a joint business development centers, including WAP, SMS, GPS, video calls, interactive game network and a series of business planning stage is to LTE, the uplink 50 trillion, down 100 trillion; reach 4G in 2010 standards.

HI5728/6IN Suppliers

Tripod Technology Q4 mainland Wuxi plant will be able to produce 50 million square feet out, it is estimated to cross the end of 2007 the total monthly production capacity of up to 500 million square feet, in order to effectively meet client DRAM Module, TFT-LCD, Hard Disk Drive, HDI, NB and HI5728/6IN Suppliers and other needs with the board; the face of strong enforcement of environmental officials in mainland China cap, resulting in PCB plant with production capacity of the difficulties, health Ding charge of that capacity is now king.

HI5728/6IN Price

With the Thecus (SECAS) other "three defenses" U disk, like, a bright disc master and HI5728/6IN Price and FLASH chips K2U are through gold wire bonding and high-end COB package design, coupled with advanced UDP packaging technology, product quality and more reliable Bright

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