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Ic HIP0050IB

to mention the scale of capital growth, through the products, technologies and IC HIP0050IB and promotion, may be the biggest challenge facing todays enterprises must speed up the search for new market opportunities, the current market reshuffle, will also be strong opportunities for enterprises to improve market share, ELEXCON2009 will focus on new technology and market direction for the exhibitors to provide a better platform.

HIP0050IB Suppliers

GPS navigation mobile phone handsets from the last show to be widely optimistic , mobile phone companies at home and HIP0050IB Suppliers and abroad to promote this type of navigation in the mobile phone. Rely on GPS as a navigation chip indoor positioning has many limitations, the current base station with A-GPS positioning navigation chip is very popular. In addition to the SiRF United States, the country in this field also emerged a number of chip companies, such as Xian, China News. The Bluetooth technology is also very popular, the latter half of this year in Tianjin Guoxin plans to market mobile phone with Bluetooth pen. In this mobile phone with a Bluetooth pen, which can be a pen, but also to achieve a variety of Bluetooth wireless capabilities. In addition, by 2010, FM (frequency modulation) radio in the phones standard rate of more than 50%.

HIP0050IB Price

Recently, Xiao Bian from Fuji, we learn that an entry-level digital camera Fuji A205 ultra-low price of 999 yuan to appear on the market. Although the price shock, but the machine's performance is impressive. 200 million pixels, 3x optical zoom for the Festival is indeed the mainstream performance of the digital market is growing dull set off a burst of frenzy. SMS

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