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Ic HIP4082IP

Infineon Technologies AG announced that it has agreed to the price of 2.5 billion euros of its Cable Communications (WLC) sold to U.S. institutional investors Golden Gate Capital, a related company. The two sides signed the contract. This means that Infineon will focus on the next four business segments: Automotive Division (ATV), Industrial and IC HIP4082IP and Multimarket (IMM), Department of chip card and security (CCS) and Wireless Communications (WLS). With this sale, Infineon will be able to further focus its resources in these four departments on the development and growth. The transaction will significantly improve the financial position of Infineon, is expected to be the fall of 2009 to complete the transaction.

HIP4082IP Suppliers

However, most everyone with ease, there are three uncertainties: First, in addition to other cities outside Shanghai charge begin? Second, the patent CMMB charges begin? Third, when the satellite CMMB God? These three issues, there was no clear answer. The first two can be said to be bad news, the current face two messages out, to the CMMB industry will have a negative impact, but it will come out; the back of a good news, when it is God, the CMMB industry, will take on to great inspiration, but it is probably not get out.

HIP4082IP Price

In addition to CMMB, CA, and HIP4082IP Price and MBBMS is integrated, but also some manufacturers are optimistic about the CMMB standard integration with the DTMB ground. Such as Shanghai, Hangzhou Guoxin and Maxscend. CMMB and DTMB exactly they think could be a pair of complementary technologies, "double-standards program, will provide customers with differentiated product technology." Maxscend CEO Xuzhi Han said. Shenzhen Leaguer Microelectronics Design CMMB + DTMB also double the national standard program.

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