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Ic HIP6014CB

Mitsubishi chemical and IC HIP6014CB and listed in July 2009 was used instead of the straight tube fluorescent lamp LED lighting. The product from Mitsubishi Chemical Machine and Taiwan Huaxing Electronics (LEDTECH ELECTRONICS), and Japan Cisco Systems (Cisco) co-developed with, can be mounted 40W fluorescent lamps in use. Mitsubishi Chemical machine, although a hydrogen-generating device such as the strength of the factory equipment and environmental equipment manufacturers, but the company that "is not the economic situation of the left and right, to the previous business to achieve complementarity" (Mitsubishi Chemical Planning and Development Minister pig hunting Chang Bo) , decided to get involved in LED lighting business.

HIP6014CB Suppliers

Lovers in this shopping by cell phone called the "history of the super-spike activities of the atmosphere", the spike rate (spike spike and HIP6014CB Suppliers and the actual price of goods between the market price multiples) from three to sixty ranging between eight times. That is, participants only need to spend one-third of the price to 1 / 680000, you can get their coveted commodity. Among them, the September 30 special line of work, consumers need to spend a cent, will have the chance to buy the LV bag worth 6,800 yuan, the highest rate will spike the bag of goods, but this is Canada big spike intensity, the number of commodities is set to 3, ie 3 times out of thin air spike increases the probability of success. The China Construction Bank on the same day special, the original price 21,800 yuan of gold China Pavilion model, will be 99 per spike, a spike spread (the market price and spike the price difference) the largest single commodity.

HIP6014CB Price

And the introduction of this product's fundamental purpose is to facilitate the user, eliminating the need for a portable phone, pagers and HIP6014CB Price and other wireless personal stock supplies of trouble. This is planned for this year out of the waveguide for the realization of the fist.

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