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Ic HM6264ALP-10

TSMC Q3 2009 revenue was 27.4 billion U.S. dollars, 2.24 billion the previous quarter growth of 22.3%, outperforming the industry level, but with the same period of $ 2,980,000,000 in 2008 compared to 8.1% is still declining. SMIC Q3 revenue of $ 320,000,000, $ 270,000,000 over the previous quarter growth of 21% over the same period in 2008 compared to $ 460,000,000, the decline of 15%, slightly lower than the strength of revenue growth the industry level, but an increase in shipments, increase capacity utilization, driven, single-season gross margin from negative to positive . As for the 3rd quarter 2009 license revenue of $ 420,000,000, $ 350,000,000 over the previous quarter growth of 18.9% for 2 consecutive quarter of revenue growth performance of all 4 major foundries in the last place, with the same period in 2008, 4.6 billion compared to the 10.5% decline, the annual growth is better than only the strength of the performance of SMIC .

HM6264ALP-10 Suppliers

Intel will have no choice, only the acquisition of ARM. One reason, ARM control of the smart mobile phone chip market, Intel can not beat the market, ARM. ARM CEO Warren Eastbourne (Warren East), said in an interview: "I am convinced that Intels Atom processor will enter the mobile phone market, it is inevitable, but they have to work hard hands and HM6264ALP-10 Suppliers and knees to This will be carried out bit by bit, not a dramatic change in ."

HM6264ALP-10 Price

leading technology research firm Information Network CEO Robert Castro Tirano (Robert N. Castellano) Dr. Thestreet Web site published an article that should be the acquisition of Intels ARM, and HM6264ALP-10 Price and made two big reasons: ARM only monopoly of the smartphone market, and intelligence of the netbook and the market growing threat to Intel. The following are the main contents of the article :

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