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Ic HM9102D

Pad tablet storm PageNext>Addition to potential excess supply, the supplier is also worrying increase in capital spending, which is the result of rising optimism industry. iSupplis data show that capital spending in 2011 will reach a record 1.6 billion.

HM9102D Suppliers

"Although in recent years the construction of the semiconductor manufacturing facility contributed to the expansion of Chinas IC production, but due to faster growth in market demand, Chinas IC gap between production and HM9102D Suppliers and demand is still widening. "In the November 4 by the Economic and Information Technology Commission, Beijing hosted the 2010 Beijing International Symposium on Microelectronics, SEMI executive vice president, Daniel Martin, delivered a speech to the participants," In 2004, Chinas integration circuit supply and demand gap is 360 million; and by 2009, the gap between supply and demand to increase to 670 billion dollars, almost doubled between 5 years. "Indeed, Chinas imports of integrated circuits have already exceeded the amount of imports of the amount of oil and other energy products, so need to focus on improving the local production of integrated circuits, which must be in product innovation, technology improvement, capacity expansion and so spare the article.

HM9102D Price

he industry pointed out that Samsung has been very concerned about the OLED, especially from the later of the SUPERAMOLED panel technology, the performance has been outstanding, the application also branched out into the flat from the phone to start the computer field, FPD Exhibition in Japan this year point of view, the Samsung 30-inch OLED display SMD TV panel view, already indicates that the idea of the next three weeks for the OLED is definitely more than just the field and HM9102D Price and to small and medium size, because OLED with wide viewing angle, since the light and color saturation technical characteristics, the previous development of OLED Sony TV applications you want to kick the introduction of iron, but apparently Samsung is gradually solve relevant issues in order to present the positive attitude of the Samsung, the future ahead of the pack quickly enter the OLED field, will result in follow-up Chaser lot of competition.

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