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Ic HT1380

6 17, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vimicro Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board Mr. Deng said in an interview: "Now the whole country of the Internet of Things heat in the two main heat: one is the Government hot things around the projects have been started; an enterprise hot, take advantage of strong market when reselling virtual fire sensing equipment. "

HT1380 Suppliers

driving hazard warning system is the use of image sensors to monitor driver behavior occurs when the driver fell asleep or line of sight situations deviate from the lane too long, will be issued warning. Some systems will even monitor the drivers seat of the alcohol concentration, and HT1380 Suppliers and appropriate warnings. In addition, the drivers attention, there are many dead ends, through the installation of rear side corner and rear corner monitor for the driver to provide environmental information related to the visual dead. For example, the use of CCD or behind objects ultrasound monitoring, imaging and alert, to avoid vehicles reversing accidents.

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lane departure warning is normal when the vehicle does not deviate from the lane line to alert action, supporting the driver maintain control of the vehicle within the lane, or remind the driver when changing lanes must be notified in the direction of light. If the driving direction of staff first hit the lights, and HT1380 Price and then change lanes, which is a normal behavior, the system will not issue warning signals.

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