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Ic HV5308PJ-B

high-power high-voltage thyristors and IC HV5308PJ-B and rectifier development in two directions, one in the low-capacity modular, in which growth rate of 10-15% per year demand is 15 million. In addition, high pressure high power thyristors, HVDC will be used for the excitation and control of large motors, large industrial power, reactive power compensation and other fields, "fifth" period, the annual growth rate of about 20%, of which more or 2000A 4000V thyristor above, need to be 15,000 years.

HV5308PJ-B Suppliers

From this, Amoi out laptop computers and HV5308PJ-B Suppliers and LCD television has become inevitable. Obviously, Amois current "downsizing" is not active, but the deterioration in the capital, main business to make a serious downturn, the passive response. destination for the divestiture of assets, in particular notebook computer business, now appear to have had a clear destination, that is, Lu Zhenyu previously worked for the Great Wall computers.

HV5308PJ-B Price

The mainland market, "timely," PENG double wave is also very identity. He pointed out that mainland China LCD TV with more than 90% dependent on imports, imports from Taiwan in the first quarter of this year accounted for 55%, 40% of South Korea and HV5308PJ-B Price and Japan, only 6%. And this year to achieve the three direct links, Taiwans economy is rapidly blend in with the policy in mainland China to Taiwan under the addition of new orders, AU Optronics, Chi Mei, the greatest benefit.

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