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Ic IC-5006-SP1

LTC3539/-2 with RDS (ON) of only 0.09Ω (N-Channel) and IC IC-5006-SP1 and 0.125Ω (P-Channel) internal switches provide up to 94% efficiency. The output disconnect feature allows the output to be completely discharged in shutdown. It also limits the inrush current during startup, minimizing the input power side of the surge current. The input voltage exceeds the output voltage, LTC3539/-2 will also regulate the output voltage, which makes the device suitable for battery use any chemical materials. Need to work at the lowest possible noise applications, LTC3539/-2 can be set via an external pin to operate in a continuous frequency mode. This version of the current value are all in continuous mode, to minimize switching noise may cause interference noise-sensitive circuits, which would slightly reduce the efficiency at light loads. Other features include anti-ringing control, short circuit protection, soft start and thermal protection. LTC3539/-2 requiring up to 900mA output current step-up application provides an ideal solution, in such applications, the small size solution and the longest battery life is the decisive factor.

IC-5006-SP1 Suppliers

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IC-5006-SP1 Price

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