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Ic ICE2A0565

In this seminar, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wuhan University President Liu Jingnan a speech entitled "Development of automotive electronics and IC ICE2A0565 and information industry trends and technology foresight," keynote speech. In his view, automotive electronic systems is entering the sensor network, communication networks and computing platforms superimposed three network "grid" technology era. Where the communication network is a variety of bus vehicle technology and wireless technology, network computing platform is a small computer network, the engine control unit (ECU) with the CPU through the digital bus connection form of information processing center.

ICE2A0565 Suppliers

speaker of this seminar is representative, both of them engaged in cutting-edge technology research university professors, have just started research and ICE2A0565 Suppliers and development charge of local businesses, but also from Hong Kong, Korea, Germany, the U.S. industry experts. Comprehensive view of the speaker you can understand that the main direction of automotive electronic technology are: miniaturization, multi-functional and intelligent sensors, 16 and 32-bit microprocessor applications, high-performance mobile security system, new battery, automotive networking technology and a variety of high-performance real-time operating system and hardware requirements to meet the control software, intelligent vehicle moving in the direction of development.

ICE2A0565 Price

relatively speaking, USB interface, the benefits of the application is more flexible and ICE2A0565 Price and not limit the number of graphics interface makes use of its multi-screen display is very simple. However, the general display signal is output by the graphics card directly, using USB interface to connect the monitor in the graphics card requires a host bus and display the signal transfer between the USB chip, or skip the video card to display signal processing, and the overall performance of the host graphics performance may have a negative impact.

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